About the Fine Art Registry Tag that is applied to alll my artwork:

This innocent little piece of acid free, polypropylene with the nice holograms in it looks like this:

FAR tag 1FAR tag 2

It contains at least 6 levels of security that make each one unique to itself, unique to the artist, unique to Fine Art Registry, one of a kind, uncounterfeitable, nonduplicatable. Some of the same technology engineered into the tag is also used by the FBI. The tag is comprised of acid-free materials, including the adhesive. In addition, there is the fact that the piece is registered in a database with full description and photos.

This is patented, proprietary technology which, all combined including the online database registration system, makes the tagging system virtually impossible to counterfeit or to remove without trace. The tag has an indefinite life (longer than yours or mine). It does not require a battery which can run down. It does not have to be replaced. If any attempt is made to remove the tag, it self-destructs so it can't be used again. It also leaves behind an acid free residue which the Fine Art Registry can identify but others would not be able to. The residue cannot be removed without damaging the piece.

But the tag also serves as an incontrovertible identifier by its absence. A work of art presented as an original which was in fact a forgery would be identified as such by the lack of a tag on work of art that would be recorded in the FAR® registry by an artist who was known to have all his or her work registered. Similarly if a stolen piece had the tag removed completely by destroying the canvas or the matte or wherever the tag is applied.

Fine Art Registry Tag
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