Since you are reading this, my guess is you are interested in my artwork and would like to learn about any new developments on this end so yo are looking for a newsletter to subscribe too....

The bad news for you is: there is none.

The good news is: you can subscribe to my RSS feed instead and hear the news the minute I publish it here fresh from the press. Just one news item at a time and in the way you prefer to receive it.

How does this RSS stuff work?

You can go to the RSS feed. Find the 'subscribe in mail' link near the bottom of the submenu (on the right of that page) and click on it. Instantly you will see the arnuda rss feed as a seperate mailbox in your email app. By clicking on it you can read any items in it. Each time I publish a news item, it will be instantly delivered to this 'mailbox'. Too many messages too often? Simply remove the rss feed with one click from you email app.

Another option is to download a free RSS reader application that will let you view the RSS feed and its items in your browser or on your desktop. From within the reader you can find the Arnuda News feed and subscribe to it.

Arnuda newsletter
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