Sauvage is a series of black & white close-up photographs of the wild, fast streaming and splashing water in the cascades and rapids of a mountaincreek (Mumlava River at Harrachov in Tsjech Republic) and waterfalls (mainly at Sonsbeekpark Arnhem in The Netherlands).

When I visit such a place, watch the water jump over rocks and plunge into the deep, hear the sound of the rushing, splashing water, I feel the mighty power of life flush through me. A supershot of cleansing, replenishing, rejuvenating positive energy that makes my blood sparkle and makes me feel strong and vital enough to move mountains. Typically places I visit when feeling down or quenched and depleted. Even just looking at these photographs inspires and vitalises me.


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All my artwork is registered with FAR and comes with a registration tag and certificate of authentication.
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