Evil Eye
While wandering around with my camera I sometimes walk into an old weary gnarly tree. For some reason these old trees with their strangely deformed branches, especially when leafless, work like magnets, hypnotising me and demanding my attention.

When I stop to look at them and even more when I start to take photographs of them, I somehow feel their pain. The pain of suffering the forces of nature that deformed their branches and created all those weird twists and turns in them. I always feel somewhat uneasy in their presence sensing the ghosts of the past that seem to reside in them.

I can not help but to see all kinds of figures in the forms of their branches that remind me of all the ghosts and demons of the past that undoubtedly live in the unconsious part of my psyche, causing all the irrational twists and turns in my mind and emotions. Ghosts and demons born from past pain that want to be seen, confronted and released.

All the artwork in the Kronkels series are an attempt to do exactly that: make them visible, confront and release in order to heal my own pain.

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