Pain Of Silence
Karma Obscura is a series of mixed media artwork I started in may 2008 as a way of releasing old pain and frustration to heal past trauma. This also was my first step in the exciting world of mixed media that has been calling out to me for many years.

What struck me most is that once I got past the first layer of pain and was able to focus more on the creative process, my spirit and my art started to communicate with one another, guiding and speeding up my inner healing process as well as my artistic developement.

The process was not just limited to the visual artwork, but included writing, dreams and strange events in my life. Food enough for an interesting artistic report of a journey through the inner world, the human psyche and spirituality in form of an artbook I intend to publish at some time in the near future.

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All my artwork is registered with FAR and comes with a registration tag and certificate of authentication.
Karma Obscura
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