Floral Abstractions is a series of macro and close-up photographs of flowers, mushrooms, leaves and other floral objects. By going extremely close and often choosing an unusual angle or backlighting the photographs become near abstract images that entice with their delicate colors and patterns and reveal the beauty of these delicate objects.

When I look through my lens at such a close quarter, I feel I have landed in a fairytale. Like I was a little butterfly fluttering through a fairy garden. Just like the vision also all the sounds and smells become so much more intense, the whole world outside that view, with its worries and problems, seems to disappear.

Seeing all these miraculous small details, this mini-world of wonders, makes me realise how amazingly wonderful nature really is. Even on a tree with thousands of leaves, no two are exactly the same. Each one has its own little imperfections. And it are exactly these imperfections that make them all unique and interesting, thus beautiful. This often makes me wonder why us human beings try so hard to be perfect while we too are so much more beautiful and interesting while being unique because of our little imperfections.

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All my artwork is registered with FAR and comes with a registration tag and certificate of authentication.
Floral Abstractions
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