Since design, imagery, materials and techniques are optimally adapted to what is being communicated and because of ongoing experiments with techniques and alternative materials the existing body of work is of such a diversity not one single artwork covers the cargo. Both the full body of work and each individual artwork is an artistic crucible of photographic, digital and traditional drawing, painting and collage techniques, different and often alternative materials (such as metal, moss and sand) and several art styles.

Inspired by the human psyche, nature, cosmic processes, the spiritual and occult, voice is given to inner awareness, the whimsicality and stratification of life, the beauty of imperfection, the value of detail, mood and often strong emotions are being expressed. All in a unique personal style that wanders around in the twilight zone between abstraction, expressionism, realism, surrealism, magic realism and spiritualism.

The artwork is characterized by particularly strong and interesting compositions, a both physical and conceptual stratification and a tangible tension between the introvert and the expressive. Except playfull, expressive, honest and direct it mostly is also intens, imploring, penetrating and confronting.
My artist statement
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