My name is Arnuda.
I am a professional visual artist and photographer.

I am a very intense and passionate person, an open minded free spirit that thrives on intuition. Everything I do, comes from the center of my soul and has all of my heart in it. I don't puddle around on the surface, but dive in real deep in anything that tickles my interest. In that way I am kind of a black & white person: either I go for something 100% or I don't go for it at all.

I have five major passions: art, metal music, nature, psychology and mystique (everything spiritual, mystical and occult). I am always longing for things unknown, hungry for adventure and new experiences, curious what makes other people tick. I am mesmerized by contrasts and contradictions, the irrational and the unseen. I hate rules, regulations and limitations and love to experiment and improvise.

And most important of all I am always 100% me.

Please let me introduce myself
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